Restaurant Frantzén Lindeberg, Stockholm Sweden

Casual elegance is how Björn Frantzén and Daniel Lindeberg describe their eponymous Stockholm restaurant, which has become one of Scandinavia’s leading lights in food. It’s a description that encompasses the cooking style, ingredients and the pace of the meal, as well as the dining room itself. While many ingredients are plucked from the restaurant’s own garden or sourced from local suppliers, the pair’s intention is to create a meeting between the Nordic countries and Asia.

 Frantzén Lindeberg have 2 stars Michelin and it is the first restaurant in Sweden and 20th in the world by


  A gastronomic journey led by the needs of each ingrédient and with the freedom for our creativity



Beef (Annei 47 months) with Lichens and ash.

« Vichyssoise » with ummer Truffle

Carrot and foie gras.

Peas and beans, feta cheese of goats milk (Vilhelmdals dairy) and Mint.

Oyster, frozen rhubarB, oil and simmenthal cream flavored with junider berries

12 days old Halibut « Sashimi » and duck egg and crab.

Bonemarrow with smoked parsley, sevrliga caviar and smetana.

Coal flamed veal « tartar », tallow from 11years old milk cow (Stina)  smokef EEL, vendace roe.

Chapter 1

Satio tempestas (39 ingrédients).

Bread baked over open fire. Just churned butter.

Yellow onion, goat’s milk, almond and liqourice.

Butter poched lobster with « Janssons temptation » and vendace roe (Persson brothers).

Chapter 2

Whole turbot baked for 4 hours. White aspargus baked for 3 hours with pine, lemongrass and mint.

Frozen lemon verbena.

4- Weeks old sping chicken from Bretagne


Goatmilk ice cream with grass puré. Malt, olive oil and hay ash.Beer, yeast and yolk from the first egg the hen lays.

Buttermilk and roses. Hibiscus, flowers and Jasmine tea.


WineChef de cuisine: Bjorn Frantzén

Chef patissier: Daniel LINDEBERG

Maitre d: Jon Lacotte

Sommelier: Niklas Lofgren

Doorman: Roland P


Lilla Nygatan 21
111 28 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)8 20 85 80

Malheureusement, les 2 associés se sont séparés.

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